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Norman Di Perno

Dec 15, 2017, 10:17 AM
Job Title:
Central Division Manager, Environmental
M.Sc., MBA

Norm has over 28 years of experience in the natural resource sector. He has completed environmental due diligence assessments, environmental impact assessments (and related studies including noise and air quality), regulatory compliance audits, waste minimization audits, environmental risk assessments, hazardous materials storage and handling evaluations, and emergency preparedness/response evaluations.

As a Project Hydrogeologist, Norm has worked on more than 300 small- and large-scale water supply systems. He has prepared and implemented sampling programs for industrial effluents, sludge, groundwater, soils, and river sediments, as well as other media, such as surface water and air. He also has experience evaluating the design, operation, and sampling protocol for a number of landfills, hazardous waste treatment, storage, and transfer stations, contaminated soil treatment facilities, and waste incinerators to identify potential risk pathways for impacts to the surrounding environment.

Norm has assisted with preparation of environmental impact assessments, various types of permits, long-term leases, and emergency response plans. He has expertise in the design and implementation of remediation strategies for sites contaminated with hydrocarbons, persistent organics, solvents, and metals.

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Norm Di Perno