Advisory & Technical Team

  • Nicole Penner
    Nicole Penner
    Manager, Water and Earth Sciences
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  • img_leong_freda
    Freda Leong
    Manager, Indigenous Infrastructure
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  • Judy Yu
    Judy Yu
    P.Eng., PMP
    Discipline Lead, Data Management and ITS
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  • tom-hummel
    Thomas Hummel
    P.Eng., CEM, MBA
    Manager, Building Services & Energy
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  • Aaron McCartie
    Aaron McCartie
    CEM, P.Eng.
    Manager, Energy & Mechanical
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  • Paul Hague
    Paul Hague
    Senior Forester; Operations Manager, Environmental
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  • Juliana Tang
    Juliana Tang
    M.Sc., P.Eng., LEED AP, ENV SP
    Specialist, Sustainable Design
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  • Charlie Bartlett
    Charlie Bartlett
    M.Sc., MIEMA, ENV SP
    Specialist, Sustainability
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  • Melanie Piorecky
    Melanie Piorecky
    Specialist, Reclamation & Restoration
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  • Marta Green
    Marta Green
    Senior Hydrogeologist
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  • Bill Moore
    Bill Moore
    Manager, Technical Services Production
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  • Dale Loewen
    Dale Loewen
    PMP, P.Eng.
    Manager, Business Process
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