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Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017

Associated Engineering at the Western Canada Water 2017 Conference & Exhibition

Associated Engineering is pleased to be a contributing sponsor of the Western Canada Water 2017 Conference & Exhibition taking place September 19–22, 2017 in Saskatoon, SK. Eight of our technical experts will be presenting on topics related to wastewater treatment technologies, water supply and distribution, storm management, wastewater collection, operations and maintenance, water treatment design, construction, operation, and asset management.

Bob Hawboldt
Sep 21, 9am | Using CFD to evaluate disgester mixing: Be careful of what you ask for

Darryl Dormuth
Sep 21, 9am | Consideration of climate change in the design of roadway and underground services for a commercial subdivision

Sarah Laidlaw
Sep 21, 9am | Town of Banff Wastewater Treatment Plant aeration system upgrades

Shane Thompson
Sep 21, 2pm | The City of Calgary Water Energy Management Strategy

Raj Subramanian
Sep 21, 3:30pm | Wastewater management strategy for the Leduc food processing facility - a proactive approach to wastewater management

Michael Binns
Sep 21, 4pm | City of Moose Jaw water main replacement: Balancing risks in design and construction

Bob Hawboldt
Sep 22, 8:30am | Using CFD to determine how long it takes to mix a reservoir

Stan Torgunrud
Sep 22, 10:30am | The Nitty Gritty: Hauled wastewater receiving and treatment in an urban centre

Eric Gaudet
Sep 22, 11am | Sewage lift station intake design for low maintenance