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Friday, Dec 15, 2017

Leadership, mentoring, and infrastructure efficiency is a lifelong focus for ATAP’s Andrew Stevenson

Andrew Stevenson

Growing  up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Andrew Stevenson was taught the value of hard work from a very young age. He learned that if you’re going to do something, give it your all and keep working at it until you get it done right. Andrew has carried this attitude through school, work, and life, and his current role as Manager of ATAP Infrastructure Management Limited, an Associated Engineering company. 

Andrew began his career in municipal operations as a Town Foreman in Bienfait, Saskatchewan.  During this time, Andrew attended water and public works conferences and became the first Small-Town Director for the Saskatchewan Public Works Association.  As a municipal efficiency specialist, Andrew completed numerous facility and process upgrades, implemented maintenance and safety programs, and managed budgets, capital plans, and projects. Seeking a new challenge, Andrew decided to move to private industry. 

Andrew had heard of ATAP and learned it was a growing company that needed more skilled staff to continue growing. After meeting with Bert Munro, Keith Mayoh, and Lynda Davidson, Andrew decided ATAP was a great fit for him. He tells us, “I like challenges. Each project at ATAP is a new opportunity to help a client with their infrastructure or training issues.”

Andrew credits a network of mentors who have helped him along the way. He says, “Bert Munro has helped me to develop my business acumen. He gave me advice on responding to people and situations and maintaining a big picture perspective.”

“Ken Turnbull has also helped me immensely. He taught me more about the business, people, and the value of clear communication.”

Reflecting over 11 years at ATAP, Andrew is proud of how much the company has grown. Achievements have included additional training through CEU workshops, certification courses, public works and Power Mobile Equipment training/evaluation; succession planning with our long-standing northern Saskatchewan NMTA contract; and expanding technical and field services such as hydrant repairs, reservoir cleaning, retrofits, thermal imaging, and the 360 degree camera.

Andrew values the team environment at ATAP. He tells us, “Everyone looks out for each other and it’s the hands-on, roll up your sleeves and ‘get it done’ mentality that exists in our staff.“ 

“One of the things that I teach staff on our ATAP team is that we leave it better than when we got there. That motto applies whether it’s a training session, any maintenance work, or operations logs and safety plans. Projects are very fulfilling when you work hard and the client is satisfied with the result.”

“When it comes to our clients, it’s all about communication. If things are not going as planned, you must let the client know, and as soon as possible. That personal contact can many times make a difference.” 

Andrew spends as much of his free time as possible with his family. They enjoy time at the lake, hockey rink, or traveling. Andrew has also coached hockey and skating for over 25 years, and has helped out with fundraising efforts for numerous charitable organizations involving cancer, mental health, the disabled, and female business entrepreneurs. 

A role model for giving back to his profession, Andrew has volunteered with the Saskatchewan Water & Wastewater Association, Saskatchewan Public Works Association, the American Public Works Association, and currently is President of the Canadian Public Works Association.