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Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018

EGBC climate change survey offers insights to help its members consider changing climate in their work

CCAG Survey Infographic

Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC), the regulator governing the engineering and geoscience professions in BC, is a leader in self-governance. EGBC recognizes engineers and geoscientists need to consider the potential impacts of a changing climate on their work, as well as the impacts of their work on the climate. 

In 2017, EGBC retained Associated Engineering to develop a survey to gather information about how EGBC members consider climate change in their professional practice. Over 1,000 responses were received about this hot topic, making  the survey one of EGBC’s most popular. Members were asked how interested they are in considering climate change in  their work, how important and urgent action should be, how difficult it is to consider climate change, and how action can be made easier. Key results for the survey were:

• Almost 80% of members are interested in considering climate change in their professional practice
• Over 80% of members feel that it is important to consider climate change in professional practice
• 75% of members feel action should be urgent
• Over 50% of members are already taking action, but many find it difficult. Reasons include lack of appropriate  frameworks, tools, and client support
• Climate change mitigation and adaptation actions are about equally important

The survey data will assist EGBC in planning its support and advocacy activities to help members consider climate change in their work. 

Charlie Bartlett, Sustainability Specialist from our Vancouver office led this work for EGBC. Charlie worked with EGBC’s Climate Change Advisory Group to design the survey, program the survey tool, and analyze the data. He then worked alongside a graphic designer to produce a simple infographic to convey the key findings. 

For over 20 years, Charlie has helped organizations find solutions to their sustainability challenges. He is a professional environmental auditor, trainer, researcher, and process designer.