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Tuesday, Apr 09, 2019

Celebrating 10 years as a carbon neutral company

Ten Years Carbon Neutral Company

2019 marks the tenth year that we have been a carbon neutral company

At Associated Engineering, we believe that we have a corporate responsibility to consider our environment, not only on the projects we deliver, but also in the manner in which we operate our business.

In 2007, we made a commitment to become a carbon neutral company. We developed a Carbon Neutral Policy and established a Carbon Neutral Committee to determine our carbon footprint, evaluate how we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and investigate options for carbon offsets. We achieved our goal to become carbon neutral in 2009.

As part of our carbon neutral implementation strategy, we actively reduce our carbon footprint. For example, three of our offices are in LEED certified buildings, and we have reduced our need for business travel by making use of collaboration tools. Since 2008, our overall greenhouse gas generated per employee has dropped by 22%.

10 Years Carbon Offsets

Notwithstanding, our business operations do generate greenhouse gas emissions from business travel, facility energy, and personal commuting. To offset these greenhouse gas emissions, we purchase carbon offsets to become a carbon neutral company. Currently, we purchase carbon offsets from ClimateCare, which is supported by the Pembina Institute and David Suzuki Foundation, for the Gyapa cook stove and Kenyan Household Biogas projects. 

Located in Ghana, the Gyapa cook stove project replaces traditional coal pots with more efficient cook stoves. This initiative reduces deforestation and frees time for children to attend school rather than collect fuel.

The Kenyan biogas project has provided over 17,000 homes with anaerobic digesters, which are fueled by animal manure to produce methane-containing biogas. Project benefits include reduced reliance on local forests for wood fuel. 

A recent study by Imperial College in London, England determined that for every tonne of carbon offset we have purchased from ClimateCare, an average of $664 worth of social, economic and environmental benefits are delivered to the project communities. This means that the offsets we have purchased from ClimateCare have delivered more than 14.4 million worth of community benefits, confirming the added value of selecting carbon offsets that provide social benefits.  

Members of our Carbon Neutral Committee include David Kuryk (Chair), Sean Bolongaro, Helen Chan, Lance Kubrak, Kerry Rudd, Dean Shiskowski, and Juliana Tang.