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Thursday, Feb 27, 2020

Wood and Emerging Building Systems at CanBIM's Vancouver Regional Session 2020


Earlier this month, CanBIM hosted a two-day Vancouver Regional Session focused on a theme of "From the Smart Project to the Smart City: Integration and Collaboration Across Policies, Processes and Technologies". Attendees gathered to hear from presenters about new methods, technologies and relationships that will impact how the Canadian building and infrastructure community can deliver smart, climate-friendly buildings and cities in the future.

On the second day of the program, co-presenters Mark Porter and Eunice Fang provided an overview of emerging building systems and wood innovation, how attributes within Revit can add value to details, how collaboration and sharing is vital to adoption of emerging building systems, and why emerging building systems are critical as we move to a low carbon and climate resilient future. [View the full presentation]

Other members of our staff attended this event and shared their thoughts on the conference overall, as well as the insights they gained from the wide variety of presentations.

"It was a great discussion around sharing knowledge and smart details for the advancement of wood in construction.”

"It was a great opportunity to connect with owners, government, trades, designers, manufacturers and contractors to understand their needs and opportunities."

"It was also fascinating to see the convergence of design for manufacturing and mass timber. Our province demonstrates great leadership in this regard."

"It was a well organized event, involving a wide range of engaging topics from technical innovations to contracts and construction law. I definitely enjoyed connecting with all the bright professionals in the industry."

"For a technology conference it was constantly expressed that many of the current issues and obstacles are related to change management and the human element in our organizations. The technology is often the easy part, it is integrating it into our way of thinking and working that is often problematic."

"Great discussions and awesome presentations from industry professionals and thought leaders from across Canada and internationally, addressing the topic of integration and collaboration across policies, processes, and technologies."