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Friday, Mar 27, 2020

Shaping our Shared Future - Jeremy Fyke

Jeremy Fyke

Jeremy examines crevasses on a glacier in New Zealand

Jeremy Fyke, Manager of Climate Services and a Climate Specialist, has a passion for translating climate change science into adaptation and resilience actions. Coming to Associated from a climate science research background, Jeremy maintains strong networks with climate science colleagues. He is particularly connected to the international community of researchers developing cutting edge research to inform coastal communities on the risk of sea level rise from the melting Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.  

In recognition of his expertise, Jeremy was invited to join the faculty of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver as an Adjunct Faculty member. In addition to this exciting work, Jeremy is engaged across several broader initiatives outside of day-to-day work with Associated to develop Canadian climate resiliency. Jeremy is also an Adjunct Professor at Colorado University, and a member of the Federal Adaptation Platform Climate Services Working Group and the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Private Sector Committee. He has been invited to present to the Conference Board of Canada on climate literacy and climate action.