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Wednesday, Nov 18, 2020

ACEC-SK presents Award of Excellence and the Pinnacle Award to the Regina Bypass project

Regina Bypass

This afternoon, the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Saskatchewan (ACEC-SK) hosted the 2020 ACEC-SK Virtual Awards of Distinction event to celebrate the achievements of their members in the Saskatchewan consulting engineering and geoscience industry.

We are pleased to share that the Regina Bypass project was presented with a Brian Eckel Award of Excellence and the Pinnacle Award as the highest achieving project in 2020! This marks the second consecutive year that an Associated Engineering project has received ACEC-SK's top award, following last year's recognition for the Whelan Bay Access Road project.

Congratulations to our client, the Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure, our project partners and collaborators on this achievement. And to the many Associated Engineering staff who have worked tirelessly and contributed their expertise to deliver this multi-year and multi-phase project over the past eight years, including Derrick Tannahill, Angela Hickie-Miller, Nicole DeBond, and Stella Madsen!

About the Regina Bypass project:

Regina Bypass

The Regina Bypass, the largest transportation project in Saskatchewan’s history and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure’s first Public-Private Partnership, is essential to the public safety, transportation needs and economic development of Regina and the surrounding region. This $1.88 billion project included 66 kilometres of 4-lane highway, 12 interchanges, 33 new structures and 54 kilometres of service roads.

The Ministry retained a Saskatchewan-based team, consisting of Associated Engineering, CIMA+, and subconsultants as the Owner’s Engineer. Throughout the project, the Owner’s Engineer provided exceptional project management expertise, technical excellence and innovation. 

The Owner’s Engineer consisted of a diverse, multi-discipline team with more than 200 individuals from consulting firms within Saskatchewan and across Canada. With such a large team, strong project management, coordination and communication were critical to project success. At the outset, a project collaboration website was established to ensure secure data storage and facilitate communication and integration among the team members. Team members from varying organizations and physical locations were able to access project information and work together securely and efficiently.

The Owner’s Engineer demonstrated technical excellence and innovation through the development of the business case, reference concept, technical requirements, and through review of design and construction submissions. Carrying out this work required the rigorous application of engineering principles from multiple engineering disciplines. At the core of this team’s philosophy was an integrated partnering approach which enabled strong, constructive, collaborative relationships between all parties that ultimately led to successful delivery on time and on budget.

Regina Bypass