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Thursday, Jan 21, 2021

A long-term relationship with the Town of Langham creates an enduring legacy

Langham Farm Building

For 75 years, Associated Engineering has provided specialist, multi-discipline planning, engineering, management, environmental, and operations services to towns and urban centres across Canada and internationally. Langham, Saskatchewan is one of the many towns we have served for decades.

A prairie/parkland community located 30 kilometres west of Saskatoon, this community of approximately 1,500 residents is an agricultural service centre. Recently, Langham has grown, in particular for those seeking an option to city living. 

Langham Lift Station

Typical of many communities of this size, Langham does not have the revenue base to hold planning and engineering capacity in-house, nor the public works staff essential to operating infrastructure around the clock. Yet the town has the same challenges faced by all municipalities relative to managing their assets and expanding their services for residents. This is a serious challenge as the economy and demographics change locally and regionally, coupled with the variability and severity of more recent climate events, the impact of technology, and the increasing health and environmental standards that must be met.  

Associated Engineering provides planning, environmental, and engineering expertise to the town as and when required, which enables the administration team in Langham to best serve their community. Our team has provided expertise on an as-required basis for nearly 40 years. We have assisted with developing community and regional growth plans, land development plans, asset/risk management plans, and community-wide stormwater management and drainage plans. We have carried out studies, assisted with funding applications, and completed detailed design, permitting, tendering, construction inspection, commissioning, operational training, and system troubleshooting for new and existing infrastructure projects. 

Langham Subdivision

Our projects include raw groundwater supply wells and well field expansion, the province’s first operational membrane softening water treatment plant, treated water storage reservoirs, distribution and fire pumping, wastewater pumping, treatment and disposal systems, building inspections and demolition, slope failure mitigation, along with subdivision planning, design, and construction, including lot development, water and sewer, and stormwater management.

Our continuous involvement beyond a single project enhances the collective experience and the long-term outcomes for both Langham and the Associated Engineering team. Our strong relationships, history, experience, and the collective knowledge of the physical systems, fosters an overall better understanding of Langham’s infrastructure system and its requirements. The result is improved asset management and significantly reduced risk to the community. 

Langham Water Treatment

Over our mutual history, there have been many personnel changes. These evolutionary transitions include several mayors, councillors, administrators, and operational staff in Langham. Similarly, the Associated Engineering team has witnessed staff progression with the experience gained and shared by both parties. 

Division Manager, Infrastructure, Darrell Rinas, explains, “For example, the project engineer for the water treatment plant went on to become a Vice President of Associated Engineering, one of his junior resident engineers is now the President of a notable Saskatchewan construction company and, perhaps most interestingly, one of Langham’s own is now a senior engineer in our BC operation and she recently became a shareholder of Associated Engineering.”

Langham Volunteering

Over the years, several of our staff have served as client managers including Bert Munro, Doug Thomson, and Eric Gaudet, as well as project staff, such as Ryan McDowell, Bill Delainey, Scott Taylor, and Justin Heatherington

Associated is proud of our long history delivering exemplary services to the Town of Langham and our legacy creating solutions that strike the appropriate balance of sustainable environmental protection, cost-effectiveness, and community safety.