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Thursday, Mar 11, 2021

[AE75] Kelowna replaces three wooden bridges

As we celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2021, we take a look back at our legacy of achievements and milestones over the years, as chronicled in our company newsletter that began publishing in 1967...

Originally appeared in AE Today, March 1990 issue

Kelowna Bridges 1990

The City of Kelowna continued its bridge replacement program with the construction of three new bridges over Mill Creek during last summer. The three new bridges with pre-cast concrete deck panels replaced old deteriorating timber structures. 

At the same time, the waterway through the bridges was increased to accommodate high runoff flows and widened travelled road surfaces were provided in anticipation of possible future widening and upgrading. 

Associated Engineering provided a pre-design report, detailed design and tendering along with construction inspection and contract administration on the project. The three-bridge project had to be completed within a tight time frame. 

Work in the wetbed area of the creek had to be completed within a window of time specified by the Ministry of Environment, Fish and Wildlife Branch: August 1st to September 10th. In addition, two of the bridges crossed Mill Creek in the same residential block so it was a requirement of construction that one bridge had to be finished and put back into service before beginning construction on the second crossing. 

Funds for the $175,000 bridge replacement project were provided by the City of Kelowna. The project was completed in September 1989.