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Friday, Jun 18, 2021

[AE75] Buffalo Pound WTP expansion officially opened

Buffalo Pound WTP

As we celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2021, we take a look back at our legacy of achievements and milestones over the years, as chronicled in our company newsletter that began publishing in 1967...

Originally appeared in AE Today, Spring 1990 issue

The $24 million expansion to Saskatchewan's Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant was officially opened on September 15 by Regina Mayor Douglas R. Archer and Moose Jaw Mayor Stan Montgomery. The ceremony, held at the plant, was followed by a presentation by Bob McDon­ald of the CBC production Wonderstruck. The illustrated talk focused on the critical importance of water and was prepared especially for the elementary school children from Regina and Moose Jaw who were special guests at the event. 

The expansion to the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant, the second phase of a series of upgrading projects, increases the output of the plant by 30 percent and improves the quality and efficiency of water treatment during critical periods.
Two key areas of improvement are in pre-treatment and in the process for adding powdered activated carbon (PAC). New pre-treatment facilities provide deaeration and increased reaction time for chemical treatment, thus providing year-round improvement in treatment efficiency. PAC has been added to raw water during periods of extreme algae bloom in the lake to supplement the granular activated carbon contactors to counteract taste and odor problems. The expansion includes a semi-automated PAC facility. 

"The expansion project ensures an adequate supply of water for both Regina and Moose Jaw," says Associated Engineering's Bill Chisholm. "Water is an expensive and limited resource and both cities are committed to careful and efficient use and to promotion of good water management." 

Funding for the expansion project was provided by the City of Regina and the City of Moose Jaw. Associated Engineering was the prime consultant on the project. The City of Regina municipal engineering department acted as project managers. General contractor for the project was PCL-Maxam-A Joint Venture.