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Tuesday, Jul 27, 2021

Building Structural Specialist, Jermyn Wong, presents projects at international timber engineering conference

Jermyn Wong

Jermyn Wong, M.Eng., P.Eng., Struct.Eng., Building Structural Specialist, will attend the World Conference on Timber Engineering, which will be hosted virtually this year from Santiago, Chile on August 9-12. He will showcase Associated Engineering’s timber design experience and engage with other international experts on the latest developments in timber engineering.

Both of Jermyn's technical papers have been accepted and will be presented as e-posters at the conference:

1. Case Study of Simon Fraser University Parcel 21, a High-Performance Mid-Rise Wood Frame Residential Structure. The project offers 90 affordable apartment units in a four-storey and a six-storey building, plus a concrete parkade and common amenity building.  Structural detailing was undertaken to mitigate vertical shrinkage, preserve the continuity of the thermal envelope, and resist high-seismicity.

2. Case Studies of Three Architecturally-Exposed Hybrid CLT-Steel Roof Structures in Canada. Cross-laminated timber was innovatively combined with structural steel components to overcome specific structural challenges on different projects. The projects include Kinsmen Park Train Station, Whistler Gateway Loop Bus Shelter Canopy, and the Lower Seymour Administration Building.

Timber design is one of Jermyn's areas of expertise. Where sensible, he has often combined timber with other materials to come up with efficient, elegant and cost-effective structural solutions. Some notable examples include the Wood Innovation Design Centre, Barnston Pump Station, Van Kam Freightway Terminals, Kinsmen Park Train Station, Tsawwassen First Nation Sewage Treatment Plant, Heron Hall, Simon Fraser University Parcel 21, and the Lower Seymour Admin Building.

His other recent involvement in the timber industry includes serving as a co-instructor of a Heavy and Mass Timber Design Course in 2020 for the Structural Engineers Association of BC; being a peer-reviewer of the recently released Encapsulated Mass Timber Construction Practice Guidelines from the Architectural Institute of BC, and Engineers and Geoscientists BC; and being the “Expert in Residence” at the ZEBx (Zero Emissions Building Exchange) Innovative Zero Emissions Wood Buildings Technical Workshop.