May 10 2021
Associated Engineering is providing consulting services for conceptual design of the critical connections of the new intake, tunnel, and ancillary systems interfacing with the Toronto Water infrastructure at Toronto's Island Water Treatment Plant.
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May 07 2021
Associated is the engineering lead responsible for feasibility and pre-design reports for water, wastewater, roads, drainage, street lighting, electrical network, telecommunications, and renewable energy sources on this project for the Lubicon Community Development Project.
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May 04 2021
Environment and Climate Change Canada retained Associated Engineering to complete an inventory and assessment of existing, commercially-available wastewater treatment systems that could meet the needs of small Canadian municipalities and remote and indigenous communities with a population of less than 5,000 people or collecting an average of less than 2,500 cubic metres of influent (wastewater) per day.
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Mar 11 2021
In 1989, the City of Kelowna engaged Associated Engineering for design and project administration services for new pre-cast concrete deck panels on three existing bridges.
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Feb 26 2021
In the mid-1980s, we designed a new structure that helped improve traffic flow in one of Canada's most popular national parks.
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Feb 04 2021
Congratulations to our client, the Yukon Government, and their project team on being recognized by the Premier of Yukon for exceptional accomplishments and teamwork leading major improvements at community airports.
Jan 25 2021
The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo retained Associated Engineering to help recover the water system and coordinate the work necessary to lift the boil-water order, following flooding in spring 2020.
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