Feb 01 2019
Technical excellence and skillful innovation were honoured at the 2019 Deputy Minister’s Consulting Engineers Awards on Thursday, Jan. 31, in Vancouver. The Alexandra Bridge Rehabilitation project won the Award of Excellence in the Design and Contract Preparation of Structures category.
Jan 30 2019
A well site has been identified that could supply water to the Granthams Landing and Soames service areas, and as far away as Elphinstone and some areas of Roberts Creek – enough water to reduce the water supply deficit of the Chapman Creek system during drought by half.
Jan 30 2019
Swift Current Council approved Associated Engineering's proposed fee of $199,976 (including PST, but not GST) for designing an additional wet well and installing larger pumps to the North Hill Reservoir Pump Station.
Jan 18 2019
A new report from the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, University of Waterloo, highlights a range of solutions that can be deployed practically and cost-effectively within communities and households to alleviate future flood risk.
Dec 28 2018
Metro Vancouver retained Associated Engineering for design through to construction services to re-establish the trail network across the Seymour River, connecting the Twin Bridge Trail on the river’s west side with the Fisherman’s Trail on the east.
Dec 05 2018
Associated’s trenchless services include buried asset management, pipe bursting, pipe jacking, boring and ramming, pipe rehabilitation, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), utility tunnelling and microtunnelling.
Dec 04 2018
The Region of Peel in Ontario, which provides drinking water and wastewater services to approximately 1.4 million residents in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area, has taken an additional step. In an effort to optimize the performance of the wastewater collection system, maximize its useful life, and minimize life-cycle costs, the Region of Peel recently developed a new set of standards for the design, construction, and rehabilitation of its sanitary sewers.
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