Oct 23 2020
Associated Environmental is supporting The City of Calgary with preliminary environmental assessments to help identify sensitive environmental features and reduce potential impacts inherent in the proposed naturalization and restoration plans.
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Oct 22 2020
The City of Edmonton engaged Associated Engineering to assess the feasibility and develop a preliminary design of an ambient-temperature district energy sharing system for the redevelopment of the Blatchford district.
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Oct 08 2020
This week, members of our staff were invited to attend a Ground Breaking Ceremony in the Village of Kluskus, BC, to celebrate the start of the construction of much needed and awaited for domestic water system improvements. We spoke with Freda Leong, Manager of First Nations Infrastructure, who attended the event and was given a special individual honour by the hosts.
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Oct 05 2020
Associated Engineering provided full engineering services (concept design, detailed design, construction and contract administration) for the widening and rehabilitation of Crowchild Trail between the north side of Westbound Memorial Drive over Crowchild Bridge to the north side of Westbound Bow Trail SW.
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Jul 27 2020
The City of Calgary's Water Energy Management Strategy has proposed a target of achieving energy neutral status, through increased energy efficiency and recovery, for the Pine Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant by the late 2030’s
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Jul 22 2020
The Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure engaged Associated Engineering to provide design and construction services for implementing safety recommendations at the intersection of Highway 35 and Highway 335.
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Jul 20 2020
Part 2 of a new stormwater management trunk sewer for the Calgary Southwest Ring Road project.
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