Dec 06 2022
Enhanced visualization tools are helping to improve project design and teamwork on a variety of infrastructure projects.
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Nov 16 2022
Congratulations to the everyone involved on these award winning projects and to Rahim Ahmad on his individual recognition from the ACEC-SK!
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Nov 02 2022
Replacement bridge project benefits from extensive past experience of the entire project team.
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Oct 31 2022
We developed the fllod map map within the four-month timeline, collaborating with the Village of Lebret and the Water Security Agency, obtaining essential data, and adapting advanced coastal wave analysis methods.
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Oct 19 2022
Demolition and construction of the new Duggan Bridge was completed in less than one year, within the original project budget.
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Oct 17 2022
With the support of Indigenous Services Canada, the community is upgrading their water system to meet the needs of their residents.
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Oct 13 2022
The new replacement pump station will ensure that safe drinking water is available to Calgarians for decades to come.
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