Sep 17 2021
Our latest feature is on Civil Engineer, Rahim Ahmad, who balances a busy life as a project engineer/project manager alongside his volunteering in his community and as a dedicated family man.
Jul 16 2021
Meet members of our staff and learn about what they are doing in their professional and personal lives to help shape a more resilient, sustainable world. In our latest edition in this series, we spoke with Anna Comerton, Manager of the Water Planning & Studies Group.
Apr 19 2021
For Water Process Engineer, Keith Kohut, giving back to industry and serving our communities, continues to drive his pursuit for excellence, learning, and service.
Dec 17 2020
Geoscientist-in-Training, Neal Barretto, is making his mark in the community as a hydrogeologist, volunteer, and musician.
Oct 19 2020
Project Engineer, Tia Hill, is currently serving as Chair of the ACEC-Canada Young Professionals Network and is shaping our share future by helping to create future leaders in our industry.
Jul 03 2020
José Bicudo’s life-long commitment to sharing his research and experience.
Mar 27 2020
Jeremy Fyke, Manager of Climate Services and a Climate Specialist, has a passion for translating climate change science into adaptation and resilience actions.
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