Wolf statues are a feature of the entrance to the BlackWolf community in Lethbridge


Wolf statues help create unique gateway and focal point for Lethbridge’s new BlackWolf subdivision

Avonlea Homes’ BlackWolf community in the City of Lethbridge is a unique, pedestrian-oriented subdivision that features multi-use pathways connecting open spaces, parks, and ponds.  Ultimately, the community will house over 600 residential homes.  Avonlea Homes wanted a unique entrance to the community, that would act as a gateway, welcoming residents and visitors.  Avonlea envisioned a gateway that highlights the community theme, and would become a destination within the pathway system, as well as a focal point for residents, visitors, and passing motorists and pedestrians.  

Avonlea Homes engaged Associated Engineering in 2007 to provide planning, engineering, landscape architecture, project management, and construction administration services for the 120 acre, BlackWolf community development. As Associated Engineering was completing the subdivision design, our project team offered to help with the design of the community entrance feature.

The Associated project team provided project management services, including retaining and coordinating subconsultants and subcontractors. The subconsultant team included a 3D modeller, a local artist/3D printer specialist, and a local granite supplier.

Avonlea Homes provided photos of wolves to show how they imagined the art piece. With these concepts, we retained an artist to prepare computerized renderings of wolves in 3D software. From the renderings, a scaled-down 3D print of each statue was created.  We shared the 3D prints with the granite supplier, who sent them to their sculptors in China. The sculptors carved the wolf statues out of one, solid piece of granite. Once completed, the statues were sent by barge to Vancouver where they were placed on a train to Calgary and then trucked to Lethbridge. This process took approximately three months to complete. 

Associated designed the foundation for the statues. Once the statues arrived in Lethbridge, an anti-graffiti coating was applied and a crane was used to place the statues on the prepared foundation. 

Project Manager, Travis Jensen, tells us, “The timing of the wolf statue unveiling was critical. The statues needed to be in place for the start of the Lethbridge Parade of Homes.” The Parade of Homes is an event for developers to showcase their communities to the public. The wolf statues were installed, and landscaping completed before the Parade of Homes. The project was completed in September 2016. 

Our key personnel on this project were Travis Jensen, Ben Leusink, and Emilee Kaupp.