Climate Change

Recent extreme weather events have demonstrated that our climate is changing.  At Associated, we believe we have a responsibility to consider climate change in our projects. Our experience includes designing sustainable buildings and other infrastructure, conducting climate change vulnerability assessments, and planning and designing infrastructure to adapt to our changing climate.  Our goal is to continue our tradition of providing sound advice based on proven methods, while remaining leaders in understanding the  climate change process and the associated risks to infrastructure and the environment, communicating climate change risks to clients, and incorporating climate change knowledge into our work in consistent and meaningful ways.


ACEC-BC 2015 Award of Excellence

 Nanaimo South Fork Reservoir Energy Recovery System

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Net Zero Design - Mitigating Climate Change

 What is net zero design and why is it important?

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Reaching the tipping point of performancebased building design

Imagine a building that uses no more energy than the landscape that surrounds it.

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Leadership and responsibility in a changing climate

Across the world, including here in Canada, the climate is changing. In Canada, the average air temperature increased by 1.5°C between 1950 and 2010, which is about twice the global average increase over that period.

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Sustainable engineering integration helps mitigate climate change

The climate is changing. It is no longer a discussion of a future event, as we are already seeing the impacts of climate change on communities globally today.

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Building the business case for energy efficient buildings

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