Intelligent Transportation Systems

Increased traffic congestion places greater demands on existing transportation infrastructure, impacts the quality of life for citizens, raises the cost of moving people and goods, and affects economic competitiveness.  In some jurisdictions traffic safety may be a concern. The cost of congestion, collisions, and their effect on the goods movement industry can be significant. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applies communication, computer and systems technologies to transportation problems. ITS helps to optimize our transportation infrastructure and create efficient and safe transportation networks. Associated offers a full suite of ITS services to provide clients with innovative approaches to enable transportation networks to operate at maximum efficiency.  We help clients to assess their needs, plan their ITS programs, develop strategies for addressing the problems, and design the appropriate ITS user services and applications.  Through this process, we also solve data management, privacy, intellectual property ownership, and system maintenance issues.


ACEC-SK 2015 Award of Merit

Intelligent Transportation System Technical Strategy

Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan 2015 Award of Merit

Intelligent Transportation System Technical Strategy

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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Every commuting day, we get into our vehicles, drive to the highway or through city streets and arrive at our offices and work sites.

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Complete Streets: Transforming our Cities

Since the days of the horse and buggy (not that I would know personally), streets have been planned and designed as a means of getting from Point A to Point B, thereby fulfilling the typical role of streets as a linear corridor.

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