Sustainable Design

Associated practices a collaborative design process. We use an integrated, synergistic approach, considering all phases of the overall project life-cycle, aimed at achieving demonstrable optimal management of energy, environmental, human, waste, and water assets during design, construction, and operation. Sustainable design is not a discipline on its own, but rather a common practice with thoughtful, creative, and innovative engineering that crosses all disciplines.  Across Associated, staff members share ideas to meet and overcome current and future challenges. We promote economic, environmental, and social sustainability on all our projects. We collaborate with our clients to develop sustainable plans and designs.

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BC Climate Change Poster

This poster condenses over 50 pages of data from the provinces report on climate changes over the last century into a succinct overview... and warning of trends that are affecting us right now. Contact Lianna Mah for more information and a higher-resolution version.

Net Zero Design - Mitigating Climate Change

 What is net zero design and why is it important?

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Reaching the tipping point of performancebased building design

Imagine a building that uses no more energy than the landscape that surrounds it.

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Sustainable engineering integration helps mitigate climate change

The climate is changing. It is no longer a discussion of a future event, as we are already seeing the impacts of climate change on communities globally today.

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Building the business case for energy efficient buildings

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