Risk Assessment and Management

Associated Environmental incorporates risk-based principles to characterize human health and ecological stresses from hazardous and contaminated sites.  This approach allows for informed decision-making and effective management of potential adverse impacts that exist currently, or that may arise in the future.  Human and Ecological Risk Assessments (HERA) characterize the nature and magnitude of health risks to humans (e.g., residents, workers, recreational visitors) and ecological receptors (e.g., birds, fish, wildlife, vegetation) from chemical contaminants and other stressors, which may be present in the environment.

Informed assessment and evaluation of contaminant sources, exposure pathways, and receptors, including the development of site-specific guidelines can minimize and avoid costly remediation activities while balancing risks to human health and ecological receptors.  For various clients across western Canada, Associated Environmental has successfully managed contaminated sites to the satisfaction of Government regulatory agencies, while minimizing financial liability and remediation costs associated with the development or restoration of contaminated land.

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Successful Environmental Site Assessments

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