Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Associated uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to gain a deeper understanding and better insight into complex fluid flow behaviour so that we can deliver more cost-efficient, innovative, value-added, and ultimately lower risk solutions for our clients. CFD analysis involves numerical solution of fluid flow equations to predict complex two-dimensional and three-dimensional flow fields. In practical terms, this allows a view into the flow field where measurements and flow visualization techniques can provide unparalleled insight.  CFD modelling can be very beneficial in the design of new facilities, but it is particularly valuable in the assessment and upgrading of existing facilities.  Since the model geometry and boundary conditions can be modified quickly, various alternatives can be compared both qualitatively and quantitatively to develop the best solution.  CFD modelling can be used to develop the desired process objectives while making the most cost-effective use of existing infrastructure.  We have also used CFD for analysing and troubleshooting the performance of legacy systems.

Associated has provided clients with cost-effective solutions in a wide variety of applications including:

Water Supply Solutions
• Raw water intakes and fish protection
• Pump station hydraulics
• Hydraulic flow splitters

Process Solutions
• Sedimentation basin performance
• Chemical mixing
• Disinfectant/chemical contact time optimization
• Digester mixing
• Reservoir mixing for water quality

Wastewater/Stormwater Collection (open-channel flow) Solutions
• Overflow structures
• Inlet structures

Industrial Ventilation Solutions
• Mine ventilation
• Confined space ventilation

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City of Saskatoon Raw Water Intake

Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan 2016 Award of Excellence

City of Saskatoon Reservoir and Pump Station Upgrades

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