Liquid Waste Management Plan Environmental Impact Study

  • LWMP
Associated completed an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for the Port Alberni Liquid Waste Management Plan according to the BC Ministry of Environment EIS guidelines. Associated conducted screening exercises to assess the best of four alternate options for the outfall and diffuser for wastewater discharge to an aquatic environment, and completed the EIS for the selected alternative to ascertain the effects of the effluent discharge on the surrounding environment including water quality, fisheries and other forms of aquatic life and vegetation and on commercial and sports fisheries, water use, traditional uses and human health. The assessment included modelling, assessing cumulative effects from other operations affecting the Alberni Estuarine Inlet, and developing a monitoring program (e.g., water quality, sediment quality and benthic invertebrates). The EIS was used to inform the engineering design and future operation of the wastewater disposal system.