• timothy-nesher

    Timothy Nesher EIT, PMP

    Civil Engineer-in-Training

    • I enjoy making a tangible difference through construction and engineering. I value the people and process, as well as seeing the end results.

    • I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and volunteer with my local community association. I also enjoy woodworking and exploring the outdoors.
  • A woman sitting on top of a large mountain

    Dianna Christopoulos

    Project Coordinator

    • I believe in being an extension of our team so that they can deliver the best product to their client. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.
    • My passion is the mountains. It’s where I do some of my best thinking and I am the happiest and feel the most like myself.
  • A man who is cycling

    Igo Mascarenhas

    Project Coordinator

    • As a Project Coordinator, I enjoy helping with all of the non-technical tasks in our projects. I thrive in having a degree of autonomy and in improving inefficiencies.

    • My passions are my twins (Matteo & Alyssa), my partner (Nicholas), our cat and dog, travelling, and almost all things outdoors – hiking, cycling, paddleboarding, skiing, and more.

  • Man in a football uniform

    Steven Wolinski EIT

    Structural Engineer

    • As a recently graduated Structural Engineer, I look forward to the opportunity to watch my designs be constructed and have a real impact on the people they serve and improve my community.

    • I enjoy being outdoors and physically active; whether that's football, skiing, or any other sports. I also love spending time grabbing a coffee or beer with friends, family, and coworkers.

  • A couple watching a hockey game in the stands

    Stephen Lindsday T.T.

    Electrical Engineering Technologist

    • I'm excited to learn more about electrical design and how to provide the highest quality of work for our clients. I'm aiming to grow in my career and become a Professional Technologist. I enjoy problem solving and creating innovative solutions to complex problems. 
    • I love spending quality time with my daughter. I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, bike riding, and kayaking. I am just as happy sitting in for a good movie, book, or board game.

  • Man standing in a rocky environment

    Antony Ta P.Eng., PMP

    Quality Manager, Alberta North

    • I enjoy working at the intersection of quality management and project management, helping teams achieve their objectives. I like to focus on continuous improvement, organizational excellence, and growing the business.

    • When I’m not hanging out with my family, I enjoy the great outdoors, team sports, and exercise. I also enjoy travel and photography, and sitting down with a good history book.

  • Anna Maven-Hazelton

    Anna Maven-Hazelton C.E.T.

    BIM Project Coordinator

    • I believe that Building Information Modeling is the future of our industry. I am passionate about implementing various BIM tools on projects and delivering the best digital products to our clients. 
    • I love outdoors - skiing or hiking in the Rockies, skating or kayaking on Chestermere lake. I also enjoy listening to audiobooks and playing piano with my daughter.
  • Noah Wishart

    Noah Wishart EIT

    Transportation Engineer-in-Training

    • Infrastructure fascinates me - bringing people together and creating communities. Being able to learn from everyday interactions with built environments and apply that to my work is incredible.

    • I love the outdoors, woodworking, travel, and time with friends. I combined all three and built a cedar strip canoe with my friends after graduating university in 2020.

  • Man celebrates completing a half marathon run

    Gabriel Nadeau P.Eng.

    Structural Engineer

    • I’ve specialized in structural steel during my career and I’m interested in further developing my structural engineering expertise with other construction materials.

    • I enjoy long distance running and love the challenge of training for a half-marathon once a year and doing my best for a strong finish time.

  • kyle-harron

    Kyle Harron B.A.Sc., EIT

    Junior Civil Engineer

    • As a new employee and recent university graduate, it excites me to think of all the new things I’ll learn. Currently, I have a great balance of office and field work, which is perfect for me.

    • Having a good work-life balance is very important to me. Outside of work, I enjoy watching sports, running, and going to the gym. I also love spending time with friends and family.

  • a woman rockclimbing

    Andrea Zemrau P.Ag., P.Biol.

    Environmental Scientist

    • Growing up, I wanted to save the world, but my superpowers unfortunately never manifested, so I turned to environmental consulting instead. I enjoy navigating the (sometimes) tricky balance between development and conservation.

    • When I’m not out in a wetland somewhere, you’ll find me outdoors learning to climb mountains or ski harder or indoors collecting hobbies like ASL or learning to play the ukulele. To grow sustainably is my goal.
  • Maggi Jones

    Maggi Jones Dipl.

    Group Administrator

    • I enjoy working with our great team and provide project and group management support, write and review reports, coordinate proposals, and handle other office administrative tasks.

    • I love spending time outdoors with my family and our dog. I'm actively involved in my church and a traveling brass band. I enjoy running and trail riding and have a goal of running 21 half marathons in 2021 and am halfway there!

  • Juliet Hone

    Juliet Hone BA

    Technical Editor

    • My passion is writing and communications. I strive to help improve many of our written materials and technical documents to ensure they represent the company with one clear voice and style.

    • My hobbies include sailing, kayaking, travelling, watching rugby, attending live music events, and trying the vast array of cuisines that Vancouver has to offer.
  • Tracy MacDonald

    Tracy MacDonald Ph.D., P.Biol.

    Environmental Scientist

    • As an aquatic toxicologist, I help clients understand the implications of water and wastewater quality and potential impacts to aquatic organisms. I develop creative solutions to maintain regulatory compliance for project owners.

    • I enjoy all fibre arts, including knitting and crocheting. As a volunteer, I knit breastforms for women who have had mastectomies or developmental issues. I love to visit family and the mountains in Nelson, BC, where I grew up.

  • April Ziegler

    April Ziegler P.Biol.

    Environmental Scientist

    • I complete environmental assessments for projects to mitigate environmental impact and navigate the complex and ever-changing world of regulatory permitting and compliance. 
    • In my spare time, you will find me outdoors, usually camping, hiking, or travelling to find epic panoramic views. My dog, Reggie, is usually along for the ride.
  • Brett Mikkelsen

    Brett Mikkelsen E.I.T.

    Civil Engineer

    • As our communities continue to grow and we replace our aging infrastructure, I love working on projects where I can see the fruits of our labour serving our local communities.
    • I love getting outdoors and away from it all. Whether it be hiking or mountain biking, I always love the opportunity to get out and enjoy the nature that British Columbia has to offer.

  • Dörte Köster

    Dörte Köster Ph.D.

    Senior Aquatic Scientist

    • The science of water is my passion. I like sharing and applying this knowledge creatively to answer questions and help solve issues around surface water quality.

    • Being active outside, good food and company make me happy. I enjoy skiing, running, walking, biking and camping with the family, dog, and friends, and traveling to my native Europe.

  • Brent Schmidt

    Brent Schmidt P.Geo.


    • I assess for environmental contamination and provide remediation and risk management solutions in a practical and methodical manner to achieve our clients’ objectives.   
    • I enjoy travelling both internationally and within our own great country. Camping, being outdoors, woodwork, and brewing are my favorite hobbies!   
  • Denis Michaud

    Denis Michaud AScT, IRCA QMS Auditor

    Manager, Corporate Quality

    • I enjoy the challenge of incorporating quality best practices into project administration by establishing quality objectives, resources, and processes that enhance everyone's expectations throughout a project’s lifecycle.

    • I’m a busy handyman around the house, fixing and building things, whether it’s a new door, building a deck, or other home renovation job. I also enjoy walking and hiking the trails of North Vancouver, playing tennis, and skiing.

  • Adam Sullo

    Adam Sullo P. Eng.

    Manager, Water Resources

    • I'm passionate about delivering municipal infrastructure with a focus on urban renewal projects and specialize in trenchless rehabilitation methods. 

    • I enjoy spending time with my family and have a lifelong passion for cars, a hobby that has led to track days, sim racing, and autocross.