• Michal Simhon

    Michal Simhon M.A.Sc., P.Eng., ENV SP

    Environmental Engineer

    • Water is a valuable resource. Ensuring that treated wastewater is safe to return back to the environment is of key importance. I enjoy working with stakeholders to establish an optimized, sustainable, and community-specific wastewater management solution.
    • I enjoy travelling. British Columbia is a great place to explore; soaking up as much sun as possible, all while camping, hiking, or being out on the water. 
  • Patrick Stancombe

    Patrick Stancombe P.Eng.

    Transportation and Resource Infrastructure Engineer

    • I work on a variety of transportation projects in both busy urban centers and remote wilderness settings. I enjoy the diverse conditions of each project and the satisfaction of seeing the finished product come together.
    • I love spending time outdoors and enjoy the physical challenge and social connections I get from running, skiing, and playing team sports with my friends and family.
  • Mark Torrie

    Mark Torrie M.Eng, P.Eng.

    Manager, MTO Group & Structural Engineer

    • The transportation challenges put forth by our clients push us to find innovative and cost effective solutions to their problems. I enjoy finding these solutions and working with our team to drive these solutions to reality.

    • I enjoy spending time hiking with my Dad. I also enjoy continuing to learn.
  • Sandra Meidinger

    Sandra Meidinger P. Biol., R.P. Bio.

    Regional Manager, Alberta North & Senior Environmental Scientist

    • I enjoy working with a variety of clients and projects. I love interacting with different disciplines and colleagues. Moving to Edmonton to grow the environmental group has been the biggest highlight.  
    • I'm interested in traveling to new places, and enjoying good food and wine with family and friends.
  • Rob Kupchanko

    Rob Kupchanko P.Ag.

    National Practice Leader, Contaminated Sites

    • Our Contaminated Sites practice is challenging and rewarding. It compliments other expertise and allows interactions with all stakeholders that have one common goal - to clean.

    • Make life fun and enjoyable for everyone, starting with the most important people around you! I enjoy spending time with my family, playing recreational sports together, as well as attending sports games.
  • Dan Austin

    Dan Austin GISP

    GIS/Environmental Analyst

    • I love problem solving and seeing the products of my efforts. I like my work as it is never the same, there are always challenges I need to ‘figure out’ and in the end I get to ‘make something’ that I can see and hold.
    • Getting outside on any two wheeled contraption and playing with my kids is all I need for a great day!
  • Stacy Boczulak

    Stacy Boczulak M.Sc., R.P.Bio., P.Ag.

    Environmental Scientist

    • I enjoy studying the complex interactions of our natural surroundings. I aim to minimize impacts on the environment while meeting the growing needs of our society. 
    • I love exploring diverse landscapes on road trips, camping, and foraging for edibles. I am also an avid knitter who enjoys experimenting with new techniques.

  • Carrie Nadeau

    Carrie Nadeau R.P.Bio

    Senior Ecologist

    • My passion is restoration ecology, and people! I love meeting new people and visiting new places. Our Vernon office has a large sense of community and I enjoy the relationships I have made throughout my career the most. 
    • Living in the Okanagan is my passion and I enjoy all seasons, especially the hot summers spending most of my time on Kalamalka lake at the beach swimming and paddling.   
  • Zian Sally

    Zian Sally M.Eng., P.Eng.

    Water Resources Engineer

    • I want to make rivers more sustainable; the places we live more resilient to climate, demographic, and economic changes; provide safe water for communities; and shape a more equitable world through my work and life.  
    • The martial art of Capoeira is the ideal space in which to engage my interests in martial arts, acrobatics, music, dance, creativity, community, philosophy, and social justice. Daily practice keeps me balanced, energized, and fulfilled.
  • Coenraad Pool

    Coenraad Pool M.Eng., P.Eng.

    Manager, Urban Water

    • Talk with your key clients at least three times per week – but on relevant topics. Develop the relationship to the point where there is frank, honest feedback, then be sure to act on it.  Response time is a differentiating factor.
    • Life is part of work, and work is part of life. Life is not work, and work is not life. Do activities where the learning never ends. Outdoors – horse riding, fly fishing, running, cycling, kayaking, and hiking/backpacking.
  • Charlie Bartlett

    Charlie Bartlett M.Sc., MIEMA, CEnv, ENV SP, EMS Principal Auditor

    Sustainability Specialist

    • I get great satisfaction from helping our clients make real progress towards their sustainability goals. I take pride in knowing that my work helps organizations function better and lower their impacts on our world.
    • I love playing in the outdoors – mountain biking, running, back country skiing, kayaking, and hiking – particularly when my young daughter comes along too!
  • Steve Croxford

    Steve Croxford P.Eng, MIStructE

    Professional Services Production Manager

    • I am responsible for the processes that create more time for our professionals to focus on generating the creative solutions needed to solve our clients’ complex problems.

    • Outside of work hours, my interest in cars, guitars, family, and home renovations keep me busy. I am also fascinated by megalithic structures and new technology. 
  • Shane Cook M.A.Sc., PMP, P.Eng.

    Division Manager, Transportation

    • Canada's aging transportation infrastructure provides challenges and opportunities. I enjoy identifying innovative solutions to extend the service life of bridges and improve public safety. 
    • Shane Cook
    • I enjoy sailing with my family around the beautiful west coast of British Columbia. 
  • Andy Barr

    Andy Barr M.Sc., P.Eng.

    Division Manager, Water

    • I like meeting our clients' needs, whether it be through managing projects well or giving the right technical solution.  
    • Everything water, whether it be near it, on it (summer or winter), or under it: kayaking, water skiing, and scuba diving. In the winter, I enjoy playing hockey.
  • Chase Kehrig P.Eng.

    Transportation Engineer

    • Technology has always fascinated me; I love the innovations that it continually brings to our industry and implementing them into my work to deliver a better experience for clients and users.
    • Chase Kehrig
    • I enjoy the outdoors and living an active lifestyle through various activities such as mountain biking, running, hiking, snowboarding, Crossfit and world travel.
  • Ruben Arellano

    Ruben Arellano P.Eng., LEED AP

    District Energy Specialist

    • I’m fortunate to work with a talented and diverse group of design engineers, who can support me in delivering innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective district energy and renewable energy solutions.
    • In my free time, I head to the dojo and train in the Japanese martial art of KoKoDo JuJutsu.
  • Sarina Loots

    Sarina Loots M.Sc., P.Biol.

    Environmental Scientist

    • I am a regulatory practitioner with a wildlife ecology background.  I enjoy helping clients navigate environmental requirements and liaising with regulatory agencies on the nuances of environmental regulations.

    • Edmonton’s natural areas and cultural scene are big parts of my life; I love wandering through the river valley and attending local festivals, especially the Folk Music Festival and the Fringe Theatre Festival.

  • Sid Kwakkel M.Sc., EIT

    Systems Manager, Information Systems Developer

    • I love working to remove the mundane, repetitive and finicky to create the powerful, scalable, and efficient. Systems allow me to enable my clients to do what they do best.
    • Sid Kwakkel
    • I enjoy all that nature has to offer and pushing my limits both physically and mentally.
  • Paul Hague RPF

    Operations Manager, Environmental

    • A forester by profession with over 20 years of experience, I find it a rewarding to bring together a diverse team of professional and technical staff to collectively provide solutions to a problem or meet a client need.
    • Paul Hague
    • Be it winter or summer, there is a high likelihood you will find me playing in the mountains with my family.
  • Melanie Piorecky

    Melanie Piorecky P.Ag.

    Senior Ecologist, Restoration and Reclamation Lead

    • We live in a finite world. The challenge is to have an ecologically functioning world- with us in it. To find a balance between development and nature, expertise in planning before and reclaiming after development are essential.
    • I love to dance, and have danced Bharatanatyam [classical Indian dance] for the last 15 years, in Vernon, Calgary, Vancouver and India.  I also love being a mom, riding horses, and hiking, canoeing, skiing or biking in the big, beautiful world.