• Nicole Penner B.Sc.

    Environmental Scientist

    • I enjoy helping clients find practical ways to protect the quality of drinking water and aquatic environments, and sustainable ways to manage water supplies.
    • Nicole Penner
    • Growing up next to a lake, I’ve always loved the water. Swimming, sports, and camping with my family, friends, and dogs are my passions. 
  • Jase Zwarich

    Information Systems Developer

    • With over 15 years leveraging technology to help people change the way they work, the excitement when they get back just a bit more of their time, is why I still love what I do!
    • Jase Zwarich
    • My family, travel, adventure in the outdoors and being involved in the community.
  • John van der Eerden2

    John van der Eerden M.Eng., P.Eng.

    Vice President, Water Resources

    • Promoting healthy and vibrant communities includes preserving green space and protecting ecological values by maintaining the natural hydrological cycle through low impact development and community-based BMPs.
    • I feel blessed to live in Canada where we have vibrant communities with quick access to the great outdoors. Exploring and discovering new places, whether in urban or remote locations, keeps me energized.
  • Greg Brouwer P.Tech.(Eng.)

    Professional Engineering Technologist

    • I spent 12 years in commercial construction before beginning my career in civil engineering. Nearly 20 years later, I still enjoy all aspects of civil engineering, from design through construction. 
    • Greg Brower
    • I enjoy time playing in the mountains year round. When I'm not in the back country, I can be found building log furniture.
  • jason_lueke

    Jason Lueke Ph.D, P.Eng.

    National Practice Leader, Trenchless Technologies

    • My work endeavours to develop sustainable solutions for the installation and rehabilitation of buried infrastructure – while at the same time educating clients and mentoring my team.

    • My weekends are spent with my family camping and exploring the countryside – in the remaining spare time, I volunteer with Scouts Canada which keeps me busy with my sons.

  • Martin Jobke

    Martin Jobke P.Eng.

    President & CEO

    • My background is in transportation engineering, specifically bridge design and construction. I have an interest in alternative delivery, but I strive to advise our clients on the most appropriate mode of delivery to suit their projects.

    • I enjoy being outdoors, in particular, spending time with my family golfing, kayaking or water skiing at Christina Lake where we have a cottage.
  • Anna Comerton Ph.D, P.Eng.

    Manager, Water Planning & Studies

    • I enjoy finding ways to increase capacity and improve performance of a water treatment plant through process optimization and retrofitting or re-purposing of existing infrastructure.
    • Anna Comerton
    • I love to travel, be active and spend time with my young family.
  • Josh Thiessen P.Eng.

    Senior Water Resources Engineer

    • I enjoy being involved in all phases of project delivery, from preparing work plans, to developing concepts, to finalizing designs and administering contracts. I combine my technical expertise with practical knowledge to deliver solutions that work in the real world.
    • Josh Thiessen
    • My family is the most important thing in my life. I love spending time with my wife and children.
  • Cian McDermott

    Cian McDermott P.Eng.

    Civil Engineer

    • I enjoy working in different countries and observing different construction techniques. My international exposure provides me with a unique outlook on design and construction practices which I incorporate into my infrastructure and trenchless designs.
    • I love spending time with my family and friends playing sports, going out for dinner, attending sporting events, and travelling the world.
  • Freda Leong

    Freda Leong P.Eng.

    Manager, First Nations Infrastructure

    • I started working with the First Nations in 2005. I do not think I would still be an engineer if I was not working with the First Nations. Our clients give me focus and drive.  I want there to be a positive legacy for our projects.
    • My family keep me grounded. Spending time with them brings me the greatest joy. You will find us on a hill (skiing/mountain biking), making our path through the woods, in a tent, swimming in a lake, or out exploring the Pacific Northwest (cities and parks).
  • Michael Paulsen M.Sc., P.Eng.

    Manager, Transportation Structures

    • We have a great team full of expertise and enthusiasm in bridge design which has led us to completing some pretty amazing projects. While not every project is a landmark, achieving success and providing value for our clients is the priority and I enjoy getting to share this with them on every new project.  
    • Michael_Paulsen
    • My family’s trick to always enjoying things in Edmonton is to have activities for every season – spring home renovations, summer hiking and rock climbing, fall home brewing, and winter hockey. 
  • Arash Masbough

    Arash Masbough M.A.Sc., PMP, P.Eng.

    Manager, Mechanical, Power & Automation

    • I manage a group of very skilled individuals. I also manage a number of water and wastewater projects. I enjoy working with staff and our clients to assist them to explore new opportunities, potentials and solutions.
    • Living in this beautiful part of the world provides me and my family with plenty of opportunities to spend time outdoors. I am a Level II ski instructor and spend my weekends on the mountains during winter months. In summers, I like to bike, run, and sail.
  • Rebekka Lindskoog

    Rebekka Lindskoog R.P.Bio.

    Manager, Northern Environment & Senior Environmental Scientist

    • My work focuses helping clients understand their natural resource environments better.  Whether it’s through data collection, information gathering, or data interpretation, it’s all about understanding what the issues are and how we can work together. 
    • My life passion is to provide for a better community to live in.  I spend my summer weekends “off-the-grid” at our family cabin on Okanagan Lake.  I spend my winters at the ice rink watching my husband and son play hockey.  
  • Marta Green

    Marta Green B.Sc., P.Geo.

    Groundwater Supply & Protection Specialist, and Senior Hydrogeologist

    • I love being in-the-know of upcoming technologies. For example, enhanced genetic technology can help us to better determine what pathogens are in our drinking water. We can then help water suppliers make informed decisions.
    • Volunteering with the Okanagan Water Stewardship Council, BC Groundwater Association, BC Water and Waste Association, and working with a wide range of clients allows me to be part of the positive change to water related regulations happening around me.
  •  John van der Eerden

    John van der Eerden M.Eng., P.Eng.

    Vice President, Water Resources

    • Water is vital to sustaining life. However, society is often faced with too much, too little, and/or degraded water quality. I enjoy working with a variety of stakeholders and specialists to develop innovative and sustainable approaches to protecting this precious resource.
    • I feel blessed to live in Canada where we have vibrant communities with quick access to the great outdoors. Exploring and discovering new places, whether in urban or remote locations, keeps me energized.
  • Corinna Hoodicoff M.Sc., R.P.Bio.

    Division Manager, Environmental, BC/North

    • My team evaluates environmental and social effects of development to help make informed decisions. My experience is grounded in ecology and conservation biology.

    • Corinna Hoodicoff
    • We have it all in the Okanagan: local food, good wine, mountains to ski, and beautiful lakes for a stunning landscape!
  • Helen Chan P.Eng.

    Manager, Energy

    • I'm passionate about developing renewable energy solutions. It's sustainable and protects our environment for future generations.
    • Helen Chan
    • I love to travel, eat, and experience local cultures by exploring markets and trying different local foods.
  • Bob Hawboldt

    Bob Hawboldt Ph.D., P.Eng.

    National Practice Leader, Fluid Dynamics

    • It is extremely satisfying for me when engineering analysis and reality converge to find innovative solutions for our clients, especially when it involves increasing the performance of older infrastructure.
    • I like to spend time outside. In the summer, it is cycling, paddling and hiking, and a good winter involves a lot of Nordic skiing and alpine touring.
  • Don Kennedy

    Don Kennedy M.Eng, P.Eng.

    Vice President, Transportation Structures

    • I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best and most talented engineers in the business. Our designs improve the lives of countless people, while bringing high quality, well designed infrastructure to large and small bridge owners and communities.
    • Making a difference in people’s lives, family, volunteering, and spending as much time playing with friends and family in the great outdoors.
  • Owen James B.Sc., M.Sc., CEnv, CWEM

    National Practice Lead, Asset Management

    • Helping organizations use scarce resources to provide service more effectively and efficiently through smarter decision-making. This helps us to create more sustainable societies.
    • Owen James
    • Supporting my two boys and guiding them to develop into young adults and enjoy the wonders of life.