Do I Need to License My Well?

Let us help you with that. We've provided this flow-chart to help you figure out if you need to license your well

What do you use groundwater for?

Licensing and approval requirements vary based on what you use groundwater for.

Learn about "water use purposes" in Section 2 of WSA.



You do not require a licence or an approval.

However, domestic well owners now have new rights. To help protect these new rights, domestic well owners are encouraged to voluntarily register their well logs with the Ministry of Environment.

Click to access the registration form.



You may need to apply for a licence or an approval before March 1, 2019.

Will you be using water for longer than 24 months?



You may need to apply for a Water Licence.

Use to our Step-by-Step Application Page.



You may need to apply for a Use Approval.

Use our Step-by-Step Application Page.