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Friday, Mar 11, 2022

Associated Engineering enhances focus on data management

Judy Yu

As part of Associated Engineering’s growing focus on data management, we are pleased to announce that Judy Yu has been appointed to the position of Discipline Lead, Data Management and ITS, with a focus on data management and transportation industries.

Over the course of her 22-year career, Judy has specialized in modernizing and streamlining business operations through the combined power of data science and technology advancements. In her new position, Judy will lead specialized teams through delivery of this service, while supporting effective technology implementation and data driven decision-making practices.

Judy actively participates in advancing the adoption of technology and the understanding of data at the national level through organizations such as Data Management International, Transportation Association of Canada, Intelligent Transportation Systems Canada, the Standards Council of Canada, and the Transportation Research Board. She is committed to helping others embrace technology for business and continuous improvement.

Judy will focus on providing clients with the technical and strategic expertise to integrate technology and navigate through successful change management, in the unique context of infrastructure ownership and public service provision.

We look forward to supporting her new team based in Calgary, as she expands our services in these disciplines. Congratulations Judy!