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Friday, Dec 02, 2022

Another fan(tache)tic Movember effort!

Collage of people

As we flip the calendar to the final month of 2022, we're proud to look back on another great example of our staff's ability to support a great cause and the communities we live in. 

Led by the tremendous generosity and enthusiasm of over 163 Movember participants and passionate volunteers, many of our offices planned and hosted a variety of events including mini-golf tournaments, virtual bingo, bake sales, raffles, Speakeasy Workshops, and World Cup Soccer events, to collectively raise over $46,000 (and counting)! On top of this, a corporate donation of $12,225 ($75 per participant) added to our grand total, helping Associated place first in Canadian Engineering Firm Challenge for the second year in a row!

Special honours go to our Edmonton-based team for the highest (pre-corporate donation) fundraising amount ($7,585) among all of our regional teams, despite having one of the smaller number of participants. This year, our top individual fundraiser, Andrew Stewart, achieved the title for the second year in a row, by raising over $3,600!
Thank you to everyone who donated to the Movember cause so generously!