Climate Scenarios and Analysis

Global climate models are the primary tools for understanding how the future climate will evolve. However, these models are uncertain and often provide outputs at coarse resolutions compared to the scale at which adaptation planning occurs. The use of this data for various purposes, e.g., for analysis of climatological processes, as input for impact assessment models or for estimating projected changes to define adaptation pathways in planning for uncertain climate change, requires comprehensive analysis and understanding of the data, their validity, and representativeness. We provide relevant scenarios and climate information tailored to clients needs in hydrology and water resources, civil infrastructure, agriculture, ecosystems, coastal protection, power and energy, forests, and mining. Our key services include:

  • Global climate model evaluation and selection of regional climate scenarios for impact modelling projects
  • Downscaling of climate projections
  • Bias correction of climate projections
  • Statistical analysis of Big Data (Multi-GCM Multi-Ensemble Multi-Scenario)
  • Michal Simhon

    Michal Simhon M.A.Sc., P.Eng., ENV SP

    Environmental Engineer

    • Water is a valuable resource. Ensuring that treated wastewater is safe to return back to the environment is of key importance. I enjoy working with stakeholders to establish an optimized, sustainable, and community-specific wastewater management solution.
    • I enjoy travelling. British Columbia is a great place to explore; soaking up as much sun as possible, all while camping, hiking, or being out on the water. 
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