Economic Development

Economic development to create jobs, attract new investment, and expand the tax base is at the top of the agenda for all levels of government. Elected officials, administrators, Chambers of Commerce, business associations and economic development professionals seek not only practical and effective ways to attract new businesses, but also strategies to encourage entrepreneurship and business growth and retention.

Professionals and volunteers involved in economic development are often swamped with day-to-day work, which can make progress slow. We can accelerate the economic development process by helping develop realistic plans, generate political and community support, and formulate achievable action plans. Our network of government and industry contacts and knowledge of current practices helps to strategically position municipalities in today’s competitive marketplace.

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    Marcelo Figueira
    Senior Urban Planner & Designer
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  • Marcelo Figueira

    Marcelo Figueira MEDes, RPP, MCIP

    Senior Urban Planner & Designer

    • I am an urbanist and city-builder committed to designing and delivering plans aiming to create complete communities with a respect for diversity in values, cultures, and distinct places.

    • As a soccer player by heart, Urban Planner and Designer by trade, I am a passionate flaneur advocating to enable better cities, suburbs and regions through urban design and sustainability principles.

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