Opportunities to generate electricity exists in our natural waterbodies as well as in our water supply/distribution systems.  Natural waterbodies with high volume of flow and/or high head differential provide good opportunities for low-head and run-of-river type hydro electricity generation.  Hydraulic energy recovery at reservoirs, outfalls and pressure reducing valve stations can be cost effective when pump-as-turbine strategies are applied.  Associated Engineering can provide the full range of services required to study, optimize, develop, permit and engineer small hydropower projects.

  • Helen Chan P.Eng.

    Manager, Energy

    • I'm passionate about developing renewable energy solutions. It's sustainable and protects our environment for future generations.
    • Helen Chan
    • I love to travel, eat, and experience local cultures by exploring markets and trying different local foods.
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    City of Grandforks
    City of Nanaimo
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    Windriver Corporation