Pump Stations

Associated offers multi-discipline expertise in the design of pump stations, from small submersible lift stations to major water, wastewater, and stormwater pump station.  Our team includes specialists in hydraulics, computational fluid dynamics, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation and controls design. For municipalities and industries, pumps are major energy consumers.  

Our mechanical and energy specialists focus on the design of pump stations that are energy efficient and sustainable.  For existing facilities, we offer specialists with expertise in pump performance testing and optimization to help owners to maintain optimum pump performance. 

  • Joe White P.Eng.

    Mechanical Engineer

    • I design pumping stations for water, wastewater and stormwater. With many installations remaining in service for decades, a sustainable and low maintenance design is very important to the lifecycle cost.
    • Joe White
    • My family - enjoying life's many blessings. I am a pinch hitter in evenings and on weekends for my wife who's busy while keeping our four kids happy and healthy.
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  • Awards

    ACEC-BC 2016 Award of Merit
    Barnston/Maple Ridge Pump Station

    Consulting Engineers of British Columbia 2009 Award of Merit
    Columbia Street Pumping Station

    Consulting Engineers of Ontario 2014 Award of Excellence
    Scott Street Sewage Pumping Station

    Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan 2016 Award of Excellence
    City of Saskatoon Reservoir and Pump Station Upgrades
  • Clients

    City of Medicine Hat
    City of Toronto
    Metro Vancouver
    Regional Municipality of Halton
    Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo