Wastewater Treatment / Water Resource Recovery

At Associated, we believe there is no such thing as wastewater- it's simply water that contains various resources:  nutrients, energy, and water. Our Water Resource Recovery team works with clients to develop beneficial resource recovery and reuse solutions, including the most basic of all: recovering water for reintegration into the aquatic environment. Our expertise includes water reclamation and reuse, heat energy recovery, biosolids nutrient and energy recovery, and biogas generation and use.  

Our services range from wastewater management and facility master planning to detailed design, construction management, commissioning, and training. Our experience spans process and hydraulic simulation; bench-, pilot- and full-scale demonstration studies; energy audits and carbon footprint analyses; value engineering;  and effluent and biosolids receiving environment analyses.  We offer multi-discipline expertise in process engineering, environmental science, mechanical, structural, civil, electrical and instrumentation engineering,  and construction administration.

  • Steve Croxford

    Steve Croxford P.Eng, MIStructE

    Professional Services Production Manager

    • I am responsible for the processes that create more time for our professionals to focus on generating the creative solutions needed to solve our clients’ complex problems.

    • Outside of work hours, my interest in cars, guitars, family, and home renovations keep me busy. I am also fascinated by megalithic structures and new technology. 
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