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Denis Michaud

AScT, IRCA QMS Auditor

Manager, Corporate Quality

Denis is the Corporate Quality Manager and leads or provides support in implementing and maintaining quality systems for many of Associated Engineering’s major projects. He is also responsible for the support, development, implementation, monitoring, maintenance, and improvement of the company’s own Quality Management Programs and other management systems and corporate standards.

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I strive to set high standards for myself and my work, pursuing a vision in results that contribute towards a better and more satisfying future for all. I always strive to uphold an ethic of integrity and accountability, knowing that this contributes towards building trust and respect and helps to inspire and motivate others to see the power of possibility.

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I’ve learned that it’s less about simply completing a client’s requirements, and more about the importance of the path and means I choose to get there. I always endeavour to foster open and frank dialogue with my clients, regardless of the challenges presented. This enhances everyone’s ability to meet and exceed requirements, improve organizational performance, and contribute towards achieving our project objectives.

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I believe that endeavouring for quality in the work I do is not about achieving perfection, but rather about a persistent level of effort, patience, and an ever-learning mindset. In this way, I help to continuously improve my work results and, perhaps more importantly, myself.

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