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Jaimie Sokalski


Asset Management & Climate Analyst

Jaimie is an Engineer-in-Training with over 5 years of experience and holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Energy and the Environment. Her experience has allowed her to complete analysis, facilitation, research, and strategic planning work for clients across a wide range of service areas. Jaimie is passionate about improving process and operations for clients through the application of asset management and climate planning.

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In my time at Associated, I’ve seen tremendous support for young professionals in their careers. As an EIT, I’ve been given numerous training opportunities, attended conferences across the country, and been given opportunities to learn and grow in my areas of interest. Rather than being told, “you don’t have enough experience for that”, the outlook seems to be “how can we get you that experience”.

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In Strategic Advisory Services, we work on a variety of projects covering a wide range of subject matters. As a result, I am constantly working with our technical experts in offices across the country to get the best insights for our clients. This type of collaboration and teamwork, which at Associated is known as our “One Company” approach, greatly increases our available resources and professional network.

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We are seeing, in real time, the impacts of climate change on infrastructure and our communities. My role enables me to support our teams and clients in anticipating, planning for, and navigating these changes. It is great to work for a company where climate resilience is promoted in all facets of our work.

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