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Jennifer Privé


Manager, Environmental Sciences

Jennifer is a Registered Professional Biologist and Manager of the Environmental Group in Vancouver, BC. She has experience in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem assessment, wildlife inventory, environmental impact assessment, impact mitigation planning, environmental monitoring and policy development. She has over 20 years of experience in consultancy environmental management, as a skilled coordinator of field survey programs to complex multi-discipline efforts with integrated deliverables.

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I was looking for a company that had a culture of staff development and financially reinvested in their staff. I have worked for several firms (from small to large) and by far AE is the gold standard of what firms should do. I encourage staff to continually invest in their careers and their passions, you won’t always find a place where that is encouraged.

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I learned a long time ago, “don’t manage all your staff the same way”. They are different people, with different needs, motivations, and strengths. Get to know them, listen, understand, empathize, encourage, and show respect. AE supports this approach in their leaders, and invests in their training to become better.

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AE strongly supports mentorship at all levels and there are many ways to be involved, both as a mentor and mentee. There are one on one and group opportunities. I’ve been on both ends of this and have enjoyed the experiences. Having opportunities to talk and get advice on topics important to me is wonderful and so helpful to my personal growth.

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Most people leave jobs because they feel there is no path to growth, promotion, or forward direction. They feel unappreciated and or have no value. They may be excellent at what they do, but they are bored and unchallenged. AE offers a place to grow, a place where you’re heard, a place to contribute and be part of a dynamic team. A place where they invest in you and give you opportunities to shine. Wouldn’t it be great to go home every day with a new story and be excited to come to work…. that’s what AE offers.

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