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Emergency dredging of the Hay River aids in maintaining key marine operations and critical resupply link
Melville Water Supply System provides resilient, reliable, and cost-efficient drinking water to the city
Collaborating with Lake Babine Nation identifies unique requirements for new cultural gathering centres
Modernizing City Hall’s mechanical systems improves operational efficiency and helps Brampton to meet compliance requirements
New West Calgary Ring Road enhances safety and fosters economic development
Highway 1 improvements support long-term growth in BC’s Fraser Valley
Sustainable rehabilitation restores functionality of Edmonton’s Trestle No. 3 Pipe Bridge
Improving the efficiency and sustainability of Saskatoon’s drinking water supply
Study aims to control invasive fish in Calgary’s storm ponds
Wetland Replacement Program in Alberta improves water quality, flood flow attenuation, and biodiversity
City of Airdrie’s new highway interchange improves traffic flow and shortens commutes
Circuit Riders support water systems and water supply for communities in Northern Manitoba
Extension of Buffalo Pound Non-Potable Water Supply System increases capacity to serve industrial customers around Regina
Rehabilitation of Stoney Nation Big Horn Wastewater System improves quality of life and environment
New Wetaskiwin Wastewater Treatment Plant meets higher effluent requirements
York Region’s new water servicing helps meet growth needs in Northeast Vaughan
Post-flood, source-water risk review and water system recovery plan protects water quality in the City of Merritt