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City of Saskatoon Reservoir and Pump Station Upgrades – CFD modelling


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis

Pump Stations

Water Supply, Storage, & Distribution

The City of Saskatoon, in their commitment to providing a reliable water supply for the future, recently completed three water infrastructure projects focused on increasing safety, security and sustainability.

The Avenue H Reservoir and Pump Station Expansion, the 42nd Street Reservoir and Pump Station Expansion, and the Acadia Drive Reservoir and Pump Station Upgrades projects each addressed specific issues such as emergency response capabilities through additional storage, increased water quality, and improved pumping capability.

Associated Engineering’s multi-discipline design included additional attention to minimize pumping power requirements and to maximize stored water quality.  Pump selection and operating philosophy are based on projected load profiles using historical data so that all pumps operate at peak efficiency.  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling was used to guide reservoir design for improved water quality.

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