The Symphony Rezoning

  • The Symphony Rezoning

The Symphony’s (aka Raintree) built form and exterior finishes address the historic Parkview Apartments and Foote Residence (Municipal Historic Resources) while reinforcing the mix of high density residential uses and patterns in the McKay Avenue Area  through the implementation of the (DC1) Direct Development Control Provision approved by Edmonton City Council. The DC1 allowed for the development of a 27-storey apartment building consisting of a 23-storey slim tower over a 4-storey stepped podium incorporating sustainable design equivalent to a Silver LEED standard and architectural features and building finishes that respect the surrounding historic buildings.  

The Symphony has increased housing quality and supply, and renew infrastructure in a mature neighbourhood. Additionally, it places a high priority on the effective and efficient use of land, and will contribute $140,000 to public art on-site and full reconstruction of the abutting alley from 97 Avenue to 98 Avenue. The development scored five out of a possible five on the City of Edmonton Smart Choices Scorecard, demonstrating its contribution to Neighbourhood Re-investment, Residential Infill, Urban Design and Walkability. It was also recognized for incorporating human scale design features and a public plaza into the surrounding urban environment.