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Integrated Hydrometric Data System


Kelowna, British Columbia


Hydrometric data include rainfall, groundwater, water quality, and surface water flow data.

Information derived from these data for the Okanagan Basin is currently used for a variety of assessments, such as climate change assessments, regional flood and drought frequency analyses, water supply planning and management, and aquatic ecosystem assessments. Increases in the number of sources of this information, and in the amount of hydrometric data, created a need for a comprehensive source of hydrometric data to serve as a one-stop resource.

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Associated Environmental Consultants led the development of an Integrated Hydrometric Data System (IHDS) to improve hydrometric data management in the Basin and to allow for dissemination of quality assured/controlled datasets. AE and Aquatic Informatics (the vendor of AQUARIUS software) developed a way to introduce graded confidence levels to hydrometric data in the IHDS, and to leverage AQUARIUS toolsets to incorporate features for grading data as part of this system. The IHDS will be incorporated into the BC Water Use Reporting Centre’s suite of online tools used province-wide by municipalities, water purveyors, and hydrologists for water data compilation and reporting.

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