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Wednesday, Nov 17, 2021

Associated staff unite again for a great cause

Volunteers helping at a construction site

Supporting the United Way and their annual fundraising campaign is a long-time effort that staff in our offices have contributed to over many years. Despite the ongoing challenges faced by us all, our dedicated colleagues once again developed fun and engaging activities for us to enjoy and together we raised funds for this great cause. The incredible generosity of our staff resulted in a total of $60,640 being raised!

The campaigns were held virtually once again this year and led by our creative United Way committees. With the heartwarming support of our staff, our combined contribution will aid those living in poverty and help to build better communities.

In Edmonton, the committee of Aymee Smith, April Ziegler, Cailee McOrmond, Chris Parfitt, Li Wang, Candice Gottstein, Andrew Christopher, Rahul Jairath, David Ulliac, Hannah Graham, Sara Debaji, Rose Schneider, Kevin Carnagie, and Nikki Unsworth, Andrew Stewart, Laurel Richards, and chair, Imad Bazzi, organized events including several Engineering Days of Caring, a fitness challenge, a turkey raffle, a wine survivor raffle, and bingo. We'd like to thank our corporate sponsor, Helder Afonso, for his continued support of this annual campaign.

In Vancouver, the committee of Nicole Tamm, Juliet Hone, Fenella Cheng, Max Lauretta, Karine Poliquin, Arpan Grewal, Alex Hackney, Freda Deale, Sean Bolongaro, Robyn Casement, Nicole Scherer, Derek Desaulniers, Patrick Stancombe, Winnie Li, and chair, Rachel Allen, organized events including bingo, trivia, an island survivor raffle, and a gift card raffle.