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John Maree highlights the value of his mentors who influenced and guided his career journey

As a young child growing up in South Africa, John Maree was inspired by his father and fascinated by the work that he did and how he provided for his family as an engineer. John recalls, "I was also greatly influenced by my grade 12 math teacher. She believed in me and motivated me to such an extent that I still carry that motivation and gratitude with me today. She played a significant role in my success."

John shares that an early mentor in his career taught him about self-confidence and instilled in him the value of his contributions to projects.

In South Africa, John successfully progressed in his career and by his early-thirties, he had become a regional technical manager and later a technical director. Seeking a new challenge, John tells us that he applied for a role at Associated Engineering.

John says, "During my interview with Eben Kruger, he spoke highly of Associated Engineering. Eben's passion for the company was truly evident. Now, after nearly five years with the company, I can confirm Eben didn't exaggerate. I'm incredibly grateful to Eben and the company for giving me an opportunity. Recently, I was invited to become a shareholder of the company, which is something that I am very thankful for and proud of."

A Senior Transportation Engineer in our Edmonton office, John specializes in the design of rural and urban roads in Northern Alberta. John tells us, "I truly love this work. Roads are the backbone of our society. I'm proud to contribute to building a better Canada."

Since joining Associated in 2019, John has participated in many interesting and challenging projects, such as the Valley Line South LRT in Edmonton, North Corridor Improvements in St. Albert, and the twinning of Highway 63 in Northern Alberta.

John tells us his experience at Associated Engineering has been very positive. He explains, "While it initially took some time to adjust to the different work environment in Canada, compared to South Africa, I truly appreciate the many extra activities and opportunities the company offers." John shares that having worked for several companies before joining Associated Engineering, he can honestly say this is a great place to work.

When asked about his advice to young professionals, John recommends being open to opportunities. He advises, "Saying 'no' to certain tasks might close a door that could have been a very fulfilling opportunity, or at least a stepping stone to a satisfying career."

Furthermore, John believes that nobody knows everything, so he always encourages his team to ask questions.

Professionally, John is currently the Secretary of the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Geometric Design committee, a member of the TAC roundabout design sub-committee, and a member of the Pavements committee. Within Associated Engineering, he is a member of the Roadways and Highways Discipline Interest Group.

Outside of work, John enjoys spending time with his family and friends over a braai (South African barbecue). Recently, John has taken up skiing, and also enjoys running, mountain biking, and playing the electric guitar.

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