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St. Paul Street Transformation recognized with a Niagara Biennial Design Award

Associated Engineering, the City of St. Catharines, and McWilliam & Associates received an Outstanding Achievement Award from Niagara Region Planning and Development Services for contributing positively to the built environment and urban design. 

The St. Paul Street Transformation project included five phases that transformed the road from a one-way street consisting of five lanes of traffic into a vibrant place with an improved pedestrian realm and spaces for patios. It demonstrates a complete approach to transforming the urban environment by also coordinating built form and investment. The phases included a performing arts centre, an arena, and Brock University’s School of Fine and Performing Arts; restoration of historic buildings, a pilot program for pop-up patios; and reconstruction of the street with wider sidewalks, patios, streetscaping, street furnishings. and pedestrian amenities.

"This streetscape gives more than it takes. It is a case study in placemaking – the design represents an incredible transformation to this section of the downtown. The project goes beyond streetscaping to embrace cultural and economic drivers that have revitalized the downtown." - Jury

"Combined with recent investments and buildings, the St. Paul streetscape prioritizes the pedestrian and urban experience. Visitors and residents are rewarded with a lively atmosphere, wide, tree-lined sidewalks, and restaurant patios to enjoy the growing restaurant scene." - Jury

Our involvement on the project was delivered out of our Niagara office, with key involvement by Mark Belanger (project manager) and Mark Mascioli.

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