Energy Efficiency

Identifying cost effective energy efficiency measures in a plant, building or process requires a multidisciplinary team, experienced in the operational and physical aspects of the systems.  A successful team must be current with the latest technologies and be able to look at systems and processes objectively, recognizing both the opportunities and constraints.  

Our team is experienced and provides services in a variety of areas including: Water and Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Process Design, Water Distribution Systems, Pump Design and Application, Industrial Control Systems, Integrated Building Control Systems, Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning, and New and Retrofit Construction.

  • Helen Chan P.Eng.

    Manager, Strategic Advisory Services - BC

    • I'm passionate about developing renewable energy solutions. It's sustainable and protects our environment for future generations.
    • Helen Chan
    • I love to travel, eat, and experience local cultures by exploring markets and trying different local foods.
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