Renewable Energy

We are experienced with a variety of alternative energy sources including geoexchange (heating and cooling), sewer heat recovery, biomass, biogas, and solar. The suitability of implementing any alternative energy source is a function of the availability of the resource, capital and operating costs, environmental performance, financing and business requirements, and operator capacity and resources.  

The objectives and preferences of a project owner must be balanced with technical risks and opportunities presented by each renewable energy source. Our depth of experience and client-focused approach will achieve that balance.

  • Helen Chan P.Eng.

    Manager, Energy

    • I'm passionate about developing renewable energy solutions. It's sustainable and protects our environment for future generations.
    • Helen Chan
    • I love to travel, eat, and experience local cultures by exploring markets and trying different local foods.
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  • Awards

    ACEC-BC 2015 Award of Excellence
    Nanaimo South Fork Reservoir Energy Recovery System
  • Clients

    City of Calgary
    City of Richmond
    City of Surrey
    Corix Utilities
    Metro Vancouver
    NT Energy Corporation
    Town of Norman Wells
    Vancouver Airport Authority
    Yukon Government