Renewable Energy

We are experienced with a variety of alternative energy sources including geoexchange (heating and cooling), sewer heat recovery, biomass, biogas, and solar. The suitability of implementing any alternative energy source is a function of the availability of the resource, capital and operating costs, environmental performance, financing and business requirements, and operator capacity and resources.  

The objectives and preferences of a project owner must be balanced with technical risks and opportunities presented by each renewable energy source. Our depth of experience and client-focused approach will achieve that balance.

  • Brianne Schmid

    Brianne Schmid P.Eng., C.E.M.

    Electrical Engineer

    • I'm satisfied knowing that our team has put out the best possible product on each project. Energy management is engineering's future and I'm excited to be a part of it.

    • My personal life revolves around having fun with my family. We love to go on trips. especially our annual trek to Manitoba to visit my family cottage and lounge on the dock.

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  • Awards

    ACEC-BC 2015 Award of Excellence
    Nanaimo South Fork Reservoir Energy Recovery System
  • Clients

    City of Calgary
    City of Richmond
    City of Surrey
    Corix Utilities
    Metro Vancouver
    NT Energy Corporation
    Town of Norman Wells
    Vancouver Airport Authority
    Yukon Government