Water & Earth Sciences

Associated has a strong record in hydrogeology, hydrology, aquatic ecology, and water management. Water and earth sciences are at the core of our expertise, and Associated's water and earth science personnel have extensive experience developing, managing, and protecting groundwater and surface water resources. We use our modelling, technical, and analytical skills to provide focused and practical solutions to a full spectrum of water related issues. 

In BC, more information about groundwater regulatory requirements is available on our page about the BC Water Sustainability Act.

  • Stacy Boczulak

    Stacy Boczulak R.P.Bio., P.Ag.

    Environmental Scientist

    • My passion is studying the complex interactions of our natural surroundings. In my career, I aim to minimize impacts on the environment while meeting the growing needs of our society. 
    • I am inspired by diverse landscapes while exploring the outdoors, road tripping, and foraging for edibles. 
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