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Heather Taylor

R.P.Bio., P.Ag.

Specialist, Regulatory Advisor

Heather is a regulatory advisor specialist with 12 years of experience. She is an accomplished project manager and has led and managed more than 100 projects with multidisciplinary teams throughout western Canada. Heather has completed aquatic assessments and provided regulatory support for numerous municipal and provincial government clients. Her specialty in regulatory permitting and compliance, including conducting habitat assessments and inventories in aquatic and riparian settings, makes her a vital support for instream projects.

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A great leader communicates effectively and inspires people to work hard, and is approachable. They motivate a team, understanding individual team members and supporting their strengths, while providing constructive feedback. AE encourages leadership by providing mentoring and support at every level, through technical and professional development and their formal mentorship program. I show leadership by taking the initiative and being accountable and I work to inspire openness and be available for staff, regardless of how busy I am.

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Technical excellence is important for maintaining great working relationships. Our clients must have confidence is us, and be happy with our work. To me, technical excellence is a comprehensive understanding of environmental regulations, the ability to interpret wording within Acts and Regulations, and to use past project experience to provide clients with confidence in their project requirements. AE’s wide knowledge base means if I don’t have the answer to a client’s question, I can always find someone on staff to help me provide a solution.

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I prioritize environmental conservation, recognizing the significance of acknowledging the world’s diversity beyond human existence. Safeguarding the planet for both humans and wildlife entails the preservation of entire ecosystems, encompassing everything from mosses to trees, and invertebrates to large mammals. Upholding ecosystems not only offers undisturbed habitats for wildlife but also creates spaces where humans can find solace, rejuvenate, and foster a deeper connection with nature.

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