Edmonton International Airport

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Associated Engineering designed the new 120,000 m2 aircraft parking apron and connecting taxiway including drainage utilities, fuel-oil separators, glycol collection system, apron floodlighting, edge lighting, airfield signage, and related work. Following the design phase, Associated Engineering provided field engineering and inspection services during construction.

New apron floodlighting, apron and taxiway edge lighting, wiring, and fibre-optic signage work were also included in the project. High pressure sodium floodlighting was used to minimize the glare to the air traffic controllers. Related airside facilities such as an aircraft blast fence, access roads, storm drainage, power and communication utilities were relocated or upgraded to suit the overall requirements.

Detailed construction staging and scheduling plans were developed to minimize the disruption to existing Airport Operations. Temporary airside security fencing was used to divide the site into several work areas. Consideration was given to maximize the amount of construction work completed in groundside areas to improve the site access, efficiency and production during construction with the objective to reduce the overall construction costs and schedule.